Shenzhen solid trane plastic industry co., LTD., is specialized is engaged in the adhesive research and development, production and sales in a bodys modernized enterprise management company. The company to the needs of customers, research and innovation, and constantly recruited a batch of specialized is enga... [Detailed]

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Q Structural adhesive application advantag...
A Non structural adhesive strength is low, poor durability, can only be used for normal, temporary bonding, sealing, fixed...[Detailed]
Q What is a structural adhesive?
A Structural adhesive is a high strength ( 65 mpa, compression strength of steel - steel is bonding strength 30 mpa, shea...[Detailed]
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The company take "the foothold domestic; for the eternal goal, to" self innovation, the pursuit of excellence brand, encouraging the spirit of enterprise, the prestige for this, the quality to meet customer expectations "for the tenet of" quality first, servic... [Detailed]

The company take "the foothold domestic; for the eternal goal, to" self innovati...

General product introduction of our company: instant dry rubber adhesives (solid trane fast dry, slow dry type, concentration) low bleaching, without bleaching glue, instant glue as promoter, surface treatment agent, screw glue, anaerobic adhesive, uv uv shadowless glue, epoxy re... [Detailed]